[Product story] LGMRT UD391 Hydraulic Development Drills Help Iron Mine in Northeast

Date:2021.06.17 Size

Beginning in the Q2 of 2020, the rapid recovery of China's domestic economy after the resumption of work and production has led to a significant increase in steel demand, which has increased its leading role in the upstream iron ore industry. With the steady upward trend of the iron ore market, the demand for personnel in the iron ore industry has increased. However, traditional iron ore mining uses manual drilling of blastholes, and the underground workers in the industry are gradually aging. There are no young people entering the industry, and the problem of labor difficulties in underground mining has arisen.of China to Transform and Increase Production


An iron mine in Liaoning has an annual output of 3 million tons. After a thorough investigation, in July 2020, the first hydraulic development drill UD391 was introduced from LGMRT to replace the traditional manual drill rigs and mainly undertook the underground tunneling task of the -960 middle section. After a week of theoretical training and practical testing, the operator can use the equipment proficiently, The output has changed from the previous manual drilling team (4-6 people) 4 meters to 9 meters per day.


The iron mine engineer, Mr. Yin, highly approves the performance of UD391: “Manual drills are slow. In recent years, it has been difficult to recruit people and construction has been intermittent. After transferring to UD391 hydraulic drill rigs, each shift only needs two workers. This increased the efficiency while reducing the number of underground workers and improving safety.” In October of the same year, the mine successively purchased 5 more equipments.


After the excellent performance of the iron mine was spread, several other mining contractors in the surrounding area were also very interested in the equipment.After using the machine, the output increased significantly. On the whole, the operating efficiency of underground hydraulic development drill is generally increased by 2-3 times on the basis of manual drilling, while the overall cost is only 60%-70% of the original.UD391 provide users with reliable and efficient performance at a lower cost.


In order to ensure the normal operation of so many underground hydraulic development drill, in October 2020, LGMRT Liaoning Service Center was established. It is located at the center of the surrounding mines. It is equipped with 2 engineers and 3 maintenance engineers, 2 machines and parts warehouses, The service engineers go to the mine construction site every week to do machine-following guidance, maintenance services, repairs and training. The all-round and multi-angle "butler-style" service model truly implements the purpose of "creating more value for customers".


LGMRT hydraulic development drill UD391 is mainly suitable for the tunnelling work of roadways, tunnels and culverts in mining, metallurgy, hydropower, railways, highways and other fields. As a pioneer in underground mining and engineering construction tunnels, UD391 not only has safe operation, strong production capacity, but also ensures the best product performance and construction quality. The reliable and efficient hydraulic rock drill and drilling control system ensure fast drilling and reliable operation. While creating a safe working environment for customers, it also brings more profit margins.

LGMRT underground development drill UD391 at work: